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31 August, 2006

soooo... you like stuff?

So I haven't updated this thing since I left Tokyo. BUt what can I say...? Toronto can only be so exciting right?

Well... with school starting again soon I am trying to pack in whatever is left in summer into one last weekend before pandora's box is litterely ripped open. I am going camping with my parents and their friends and this time Rhi, nolan, sue, and I will be sharing a camping site together. It should be nice since it won't be too crowded like it normally is.

Other than camping I might be going hiking up north once again, ohhh... and the film festival is approaching soon. I got tickets and now I am just picking my films.

Soooo... you guys like stuff?

09 August, 2006

final day: the end of an era

The day has arrived. The day I leave Tokyo Japan. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life. It very much is a life changing experience. Returning to Toronto is exciting because I get to see all my friends again. But leaving Tokyo, is very sad. I am leaving a lot of new friends behind, and saying goodbye was very difficult.

I will miss living in Tokyo. No words can describe how I personally have felt being here for three months. I will miss it. I really will.

Goodbye Tokyo, Toronto I am coming home.


04 August, 2006



so first i have to leave Japan which sucked.

now i find out DFA 1979 broke up.

kill me. This is my last blog post EVER. ITs all yours now MArek.


02 August, 2006


Today is the worst day ever.

But, we are all really grateful to have been here and to have had some amazing experiences. I can only speak for myself, but I will miss people, and places, and everything that Tokyo has taught me....and I am certain we will be back sooner than later.

Goodbye Tokyo.

See you soon Toronto.


29 July, 2006



kristin came and we are all a happy family now.

been busy

here's some pics from Fireworks in Asakusa last night.

lots of ppl, sweat, one panic attack and all in all a great time. Excuse our greasy faces and enjoy the pics of the drunken business man.


M R and K

26 July, 2006

Here comes the sun

Yesterday we had our very first blue skied sunny day. Very rare here...like oranges :P

24 July, 2006